The name is Jaz, some call me Jazzshabamm. The most important things in my life are my amazing boyfriend and my chinchilla. I am a huge hockey fan, the Blackhawks are my team. I hail from Chicago but I am trapped in Western Pennsylvania. I am a hardcore Trekkie and I am SuperWhoLocked. Sometimes I upload pictures and stuff from my life, but this blog is really my utopia. I am obsessed with BizNasty and Canada. I speak some German too, and I aspire to be a writer. Enough about who I am, enjoy my blog and feel free to send me some love.
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This was definitely worth spending six hours on.

If you’re ever looking for a new show, please consider Hell on Wheels. I think it gets overshadowed by the bigger AMC shows, and that’s why it doesn’t receive the credit or fandom it deserves.

Just give it a chance, especially if you’re interested in the time period or like westerns. The first three seasons are on Instant Netflix, so it’s easy to watch. Trust me on this.